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In the autumn of 2014, designer Marta Duma founded the MD brand. It was a small fashion shop located in Lviv (Ukraine).

In February 2015, the first «My fashion story» collection appeared, which was presented at the Lviv Fashion Week in March. She made a real splash. The models were interesting, emphasized the intellectual preferences perfectly, braking from bonds of the routine.

MD Clutch

Ukraine — Lviv

Email: info@md-clutch.com



MD Clutch: The origianl house of the premium Book Clutch

Introducing the exquisite world of handcrafted book clutches, where timeless literature intertwines with the realm of fashion. These magnificent accessories are meticulously crafted with the utmost care, boasting premium materials and an unwavering dedication to detail. Each book clutch is an exquisite piece of art, capturing the essence of classic literature in a fashionable and functional form.

A hallmark of these extraordinary book clutches is the inclusion of delicate embroidery using luxurious silk threads. The intricate patterns and motifs, carefully selected and expertly embroidered, lend a sense of opulence and refinement to each piece. Whether it's a vibrant floral design, an ornate tapestry, or a subtle monogram, the embroidery adds an exquisite touch, turning the clutch into a true work of art.

The attention to detail in these book clutches is unparalleled. Every aspect is thoughtfully considered, from the selection of the finest materials to the placement of the clasp and the alignment of the spine. The artisans take great pride in ensuring that each element aligns harmoniously, creating a seamless fusion of literary elegance and contemporary style.

These book clutches are more than just fashionable accessories; they are a celebration of literature and creativity. Each clutch is designed to resemble a miniature book, complete with meticulously crafted pages and a spine that reflects the title of a classic work. This attention to detail evokes a sense of nostalgia and pays homage to the literary treasures that have inspired generations.

When you hold a handmade book clutch in your hands, you'll experience the harmonious union of exceptional craftsmanship and timeless beauty. It is an accessory that not only complements your outfit but also serves as a conversation starter, capturing the attention of fellow fashion enthusiasts and literature lovers alike. With its premium materials, mesmerizing silk embroidery, and unparalleled attention to detail, a handcrafted book clutch is an heirloom-quality piece that will stand the test of time, just like the literary masterpieces that inspired its creation.



Marta Duma is the founder of MDClutch

Introducing to you to the visionary and passionate founder who has revolutionized the world of female bags and accessories. Meet Marta Duma, the driving force behind MD Clutch, an esteemed brand that embodies elegance, luxury, and emotion.

Marta believes that the fashion industry has a profound responsibility to evoke emotions and capture the essence of personal mood and style. With this philosophy at the core of MD Clutch, each meticulously crafted clutch becomes a vessel for transferring feelings, allowing customers to choose a piece that resonates deeply with their own unique personality.

Marta Duma (Founder)

When creating MD Clutch's stunning clutches, Marta delves into the properties of the carefully selected materials, pondering how each creation will "live" beyond its initial purchase. Recognizing the allure and significance of certain fabrics, Marta understands the transformative power of velvet, a fabric synonymous with luxury and elegance. The timeless appeal of velvet and leather, appreciated by aristocratic societies throughout history, imparts an air of opulence and majesty to any outfit, allowing every lady to feel like a Queen of the Night.

When you order a clutch a process unfolds, involving cutters, tailors, and a dedicated team of individuals who pour their love and passion into each product. From the initial design to the final stitch, every person involved (including Marta Duma) infuses the creation with their own dedication and artistry. The result is a palpable sense of love and care that the client can feel when they hold a MD Clutch clutch in their hands, elevating the experience from mere accessory to a cherished connection.

In every collection, Marta incorporates her own emotions, ensuring a sense of immediacy that resonates with customers on a profound level. Each piece is meticulously crafted to convey a unique blend of artistry, emotion, and personal expression. When you hold a MD Clutch bag, you are not just acquiring a stylish accessory but immersing yourself in a world where craftsmanship and emotions intertwine seamlessly.

So, ladies, prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary vision and unwavering commitment to quality that Marta Duma brings to the fashion industry. With MD Clutch, you can embrace your individuality, channel your inner Queen, and experience the love and devotion that emanates from every handmade creation.

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